Imported to Canada in 1968 from France, Limousin is one of the five major breeds in the country. It is known throughout the world as the leading breed for carcass quality and yield. Like Limousin animals adapted to the terrain and environment in France, they also quickly acclimatized to Canadian conditions and management methods to secure a position in the North American beef industry.

Careful genetic selection has been on-going for over 40 years in Canada. Canadian Limousin breeders have been perfecting economically important traits and convenience traits such as calving ease, polled, performance and feed conversion from birth to slaughter.

The black gene has also been introduced among the domestic Limousin population, allowing for greater specific market acceptance.

The Ontario Limousin Association was established in …. focusing specially in promoting Limousin cattle in the province of Ontario.

Limousin – the convenient breed

  • Added muscle
  • Preserved calving ease
  • Pigmentation and color options

Limousin – the natural genetic advantage

  • Consumes less feed
  • Achieves high carcass yield without additives
  • Sought after lean meat

The province of Ontario is rich in terrain diversifications. Limousin is the breed of choice for more than 150 breeders throughout the province. Supported by local packing plans that specifically request Limousin animals for their customer base, straight-bred and crossbred Limousin feeders are always in high demand.

Contact an Ontario Limousin Association member to discuss the availability of Limousin genetics in the province.