Written on April 27th, 2021
The Angus Campbell Award – Presented to a Commercial Producer who uses and promotes the Limousin breed in their business.
Congratulations to this years winner Corad Farms – The Hunt Family



Mervin and Judy Hunt purchased the original farm property on Waba Road, Pakenham in 1969. Judy was a school teacher, and Mervin was a mechanic during the day, and they enjoyed farming cattle and working together on their farm in their free time. They started a family in 1971, where they welcomed their eldest son Cory into their lives. Then in 1975, their second son Chad was born, making their family complete. In 1983, they started breeding and registering purebred Limousin cattle. The family loved showing their cattle over the years in local fairs and traveling to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. Both Cory and Chad had many years of enjoyment participating within the local 4H beef club. Today, the herd has expanded to an impressive 500+ head, and they calve approximately 150 cows each year! Cory, his wife Glenna, and their son Corlen, as well as Chad, his wife Sarah, and their children Jake, Caleb, Wesley, Tyler, and Holly all play large roles in supporting the family farm.  The Hunt’s primarily grow corn, soybeans, and hay.  Between pasture land, and crops, the family farms 1000+ acres! They are finishing the majority of the calves born on their farm to supply beef to Farmersville Community Abattoir.  Farmersville Community Abattoir Ltd. (FCA), located in Athens, ON, is a privately owned corporation that was purchased in February 2020 by Sarah and Chad Hunt of Pakenham, ON.  The purpose of FCA is to provide a long-term, secure and reliable service to farmers so they may continue to offer their locally-grown meats to the community.  FCA provides weekly slaughter, custom meat cutting, and packaging services. There are 6 full time and 4 part time staff members.  Onsite in Athens they have the Farmersville Market which sells Corad Farms Limousin beef, as well as Pork, chicken and products from local producers basically an indoor year round farmers market  The Hunt family has always seen the potential that the limousin breed has to offer and now more than ever they are able to follow their own genetics from conception to consumption!